DevExpress VCL Controls是 Devexpress公司旗下最老牌的用户界面套包。所包含的控件有:数据录入,图表,数据分析,导航,布局,网格,日程管理,样式,打印和工作流等,让您快速开发出完美、强大的VCL应用程序!DevExpress广泛应用于ECM企业内容管理、 成本管控、进程监督、生产调度,在企业/政务信息化管理中占据一席重要之地。

【适用范围】:Delphi / C++Builder XE2 / XE3 / XE4 / XE5 / XE6 / XE7 / XE8 / XE10 , Embarcadero Delphi , C++Builder 10 Seattle



  • T699865 - cxFilterControl - The dialog's controls are not skinned
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T691456 - Server Mode - An AV occurs on applying a filter to the View whose OptionsSelection.MultiSelect property is set to True and the DataController.Summary.Options property value includes the soMultipleSelectedRecords flag
  • T696529 - The "RowIndex out of range" exception occurs in certain cases when applying a filter to the selection and then clicking any record while holding down the Shift key if the View's OptionsSelection.MultiSelect property is set to True
ExpressRichEdit Control
  • T687023 - The control does not load external images to a document loaded from an HTML file if image source URLs include certain escape characters
ExpressScheduler Suite
  • T698697 - Day View - Classic Style - In certain cases, concurrent events do not occupy all available width within the View layout if the WorkTimeOnly property is True
ExpressSkins Library
  • T699696 - Applying a skin for the first time resets skin options set in the Project Skin Options Editor if a project has no SKINCFG file
  • T698313 - The "Unable to open file XXX.OBJ" error referring to a skin unit occurs on compiling a C++Builder project
  • T696782 - Conditional Formatting - Formulas specified in the Data Bar, Icon Set, and Color Scale formatting rules are not localized
  • T700936 - Functions inserted by AutoSum gallery items that the design-time UI generator creates in the Function Library toolbar/ribbon groups are not localized
ExpressTile Control
  • T679451 - Provide events that enable in-depth control of drag-and-drop operations on tile groups
Installation (VCL)
  • T698302 - The "Functions that differ only in their return type cannot be overloaded" error occurs on compiling a C++Builder project in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
  • T698002 - The "Package XXX.bpl can't be installed because it is not a design time package" error referring to a DevExpress package occurs on launching the IDE after installing v18.2.2


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